Saving money on phones

The best way to get value and years of use from your phone is to buy an Android phone that is near the latest version of Android. Traditionally Android versions are named after sweets, chocolates and other foods that are bad for you! Try to get the latest version.

Android phones are usually inexpensive. You’ll pay higher prices for ones that have higher screen resolutions, larger screens, and larger internal storage. You can also pay higher prices to get Android phones that have faster CPU’s and memories.

If you know that you’ll be needing to be able to install hundreds of apps you’ll need a phone that has a large internal storage like 16GB or 64GB or more. Phones with less storage than 16GB will be cheaper and they may be fine if you know that you’ll only ever install a handful of apps.

Over time you’ll build up a collection of photos and videos that you have taken. So it’s best to have a phone with a large storage. If you want to save some money, just get a phone with a medium amount of storage and every so often transfer you photos to a free cloud storage system like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

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